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Handsome Devil Candle

Handsome Devil Candle

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Looking for a candle for men with a scent he’ll love?

Handsome Devil's masculine presence is unmistakable, but with a comforting air.

It's your favorite handsome guy in a soft blazer or sweater, comforting you with a hug but also some sly moves.

The man-forward scent comes from a divinely bold blend of tobacco leaf and saffron, while the edges are rounded seductively by tonka bean, vanilla and an earthy tinge of white tea

Every candle is hand-poured into a black jar, and fitted with a snug copper lid, sporting our beloved Victorian-inspired labels.

Choose between cotton or crackling wood wicks.

50+ hours of burn time.

100% soy wax, made with US-farmer harvested soybeans.

Metal-free wick, made only of cotton and paper or upgrade to crackling wood.

Lead-free, heavy-bottomed glass jar.

Copper-colored lid.

Phthalate-free, non-toxic fragrance oil.

No dyes or additives.

10oz frosted black jar, approximately 8oz of wax.
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