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30oz. Embossed Glass Candle

30oz. Embossed Glass Candle

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A truly stunning glass candle with embossed details that makes a gorgeous stand-out piece for your home to look and smell wonderful! Full with 30 ounces of wax, this candle will last you for sooo long! 

There is no shortage of luxury in this Maison Luxe Jar Candle. Voluspa's signature Maison pattern wraps the vessel in an elegant emboss from base to lid. The triple wick configuration transforms the ambience with its reflective glow, creating a generous wax pool to ensure abundant fragrance throw. As a finishing touch, the candle is perfectly designed to fit in the depression of the lid when lit.

Burn Time: 80 Hours

Amber Lumiere: Notes of Ancient Amber Incense, Precious Ceremonial Burning Wood & Vanilla. The aromatic radiance of this timeless scent instils a sense of calm, welcome and wellbeing. Reflect warmth in home and in spirit with Ambre Lumiere's mystical, meditative blend - based on ancient amber incense, precious ceremonial burning wood, ground spices, pods and resins. Arouse the senses and soothe the soul.

Crisp Champagne: Notes of Sparkling Brut Champagne,Vanilla & Barrel Oak. We've bottled that first sip feeling - drink in a brut tickle of chilled bubbles and toast to the aroma of vanilla, apples and peaches, all from a cool wooden cask. Perfectly capturing the moment before a bottle of champagne is uncorked, Crisp Champagne makes every day an occasion to toast.

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