Collection: Savannah Bee Company

Savannah Bee Co. Mission Statement

You’ll notice our name doesn’t contain the word “honey”—our mission has always been about the bees.

Everything we do at Savannah Bee Co. is so bees can continue their sacred work of building hives, pollinating flowers, powering our food supply, and spreading beauty. We understand that climate change, pesticides, and other threats to the bees’ fragile ecosystems also affect humanity, and we believe healthy bees make for a healthy planet. Saving the bees remains our highest priority.

Of course, we’re committed to bringing our customers the most delicious honey sourced from beekeepers around the world, most of whom we know by name. These beekeepers share our passion for saving the bees, and each of their carefully-tended hives promotes a healthy bee population and a better environment. More beekeepers means more bees, and we have helped develop and sustain a beekeeping culture in the Caribbean by providing equipment, marketing, and education to aspiring apiarists.

We believe our greatest impact is in education. The Bee Cause Project has provided over 330 observation bee hives in schools across the country and beyond, introducing children to the science of bees and giving them a hands-on connection between these magnificent pollinators and their own lives. We also encourage higher education in our own community, donating proceeds from our Peace Honey to the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club, an organization that helps guide local students into college.

With each jar of honey, bee-powered beauty product, and cultivated hive, we’re working to save the bees. And with every purchase from Savannah Bee Co., you are too.