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12oz. Ground Coffee

12oz. Ground Coffee

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"While our mission is to eradicate unnecessary animal euthanasia and improve animal welfare, our passion as a company is to provide and amazing coffee experience for our supporters every time they brew a cup of our coffee. Our beans are 100% Arabica and sourced from the best growing regions throughout the world.

We small batch roast our coffee focusing on developing rich, savory, and full-bodied blends, ranging from light & bright to smoky & sweet. From blends to single origins, our goal is to provide every rescue-loving, coffee-sipping superhero with an opportunity to join our mission and the perfect excuse to slow down and spend 15 more minutes with your best friend each morning!

At Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. we believe that great products are naturally produced and minimally altered before consumption. For this reason, we only source organic or fully traceable green coffee before roasting in small batches to capture the unique qualities of each bean. We believe that a product can only be great if it is great every step of the way. For this reason, we emphasize developing a responsible supply chain, in order to produce the best eco-friendly coffee possible." - Grounds & Hounds Coffee Company

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