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Frontier Collection Big Brick of Soap

Frontier Collection Big Brick of Soap

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Legend tells us of a place, somewhere outside the range of extended WiFi signals where outlet malls and vegan juice bars cease to exist. It's a place where stories are told without emojis and memories are made without selfies. We're talking about the Great Outdoors, and this place smells downright fantastic.

The Frontier Collection: Big A** Bricks of Soap with unique, masculine scents inspired by the best that nature has to offer.

Campfire: (Scent: Warm Musk & Woodfire) Experience the rich scent of fresh cut hickory and celebrate a return to basics with the large American-made soap inspired by the burning wood of a blazing campfire.

Fresh Cut Pine: (Scent: Eucalyptus & Sequoia Redwood) Experience the invigorating scent of fresh split pine and celebrate a return to basics with this American made soap inspired by the lush green wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

Leaf & Leather: (Scent: Amber & Woodsy Leather) Take a trip back in time when a nice, masculine scent didn't involve citrus fruits or flowers, and experience this American-made soap inspired by leaf and leather.

Midnight Swim: (Scent: Neroli & Dark Water) One of our best-sellers! Experience the sophisticated blend of cold water, fresh air, and crisp green notes for a modern, slightly alluring, scent, perfect for a night not soon forgotten.

All Duke Cannon products are made in the USA. 

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